Dina Lohan


When it comes to choosing derelict moms in Hollywood, Dina Lohan's got her competition cut out for her—and then some. But, the people have spoken, and it looks like Lindsay's fame-whoring momager's still got it.

Yep, you all voted Dina as basically the worst mother of the year—and while this doesn't really come as a surprise (her daughter's criminal record now exceeds her list of hit movies, just for starters), the normally chatty stage mom had this to say when we asked her to say a few words about receiving her award:


That's right, radio silence. Now that's quite a shock, considering Lindsay's mom is always quick to get her opinion out there, especially when it comes to defending her glowing reputation as a parent. You ask Dina to comment on why Linds burped in public—and two secs later—Dina's right out there with a few words on how it simply reflects healthy living.

Seriously, though, who can forget the sting of Mama Lohan's claws (and mouth) after Glee guest star Katie Couric told Sue Sylvester she beat out Dina and her dog "Sparky Lohan" as biggest losers of the year?

"It's a shame as the dance numbers are amazing, but the writers need to be nice and more creative as opposed to being hurtful," Dina told us exclusively at the time. "They are sending the wrong message to the youth that are watching. As far as Katie Couric is concerned, she has a short memory when the tabloids were trashing her a few years ago—and she's a mom!"

And the defensive sound-byte list goes on—and on.

So what gives, Dina? You finally realize silence really is more golden (if not parentally wise)?

Or is it that we don't pay and you really do ultimately prefer the green in exchange for your words?

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