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Stephen Colletti Wants a Farewell Season for One Tree Hill, Too!

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You should all know that we're writing this from the edge of our seats, because we are anxiously awaiting news on One Tree Hill's fate for next season. On one hand, we think the finale will have some kind of closure, and we're lucky to have had eight seasons. On the other hand, we do think it'd be awesome to have one more season dedicated to longtime fans of OTH.

Wait, why are we even talking about next year? We still have two episodes left of this season! Let's focus on that for now. Maybe OTH star Stephen Colletti can help us out with that. He does have the insight on what the finale looks like, after all, as well as what the last few episodes hold for Chase...

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Chase entered our One Tree Hill lives in season four as a Clean Teen who gives his "flower" to Brooke (Sophia Bush) in the backseat of a car, and now he's a full-blown central character. But Stephen told us he's just happy to be out from behind the bar. "When I first came back, I was like Chase the gopher, behind the bar. He would pop up, say hello, offer some advice and then he would dive back behind the bar," he tells us with a laugh. "I just wanted more and more, and with a show like that there are a lot of storylines going on and they have so many characters. But that has all changed with the last year and a half or so, which has been great. It has been a lot of fun getting out from behind the bar and exploring the storyline. The gopher is out frolicking."

In true OTH finale twist fashion, instead of your typical season-ender, the final episode of the season will take place over an entire year in the lives of the characters. "It's exciting. You're going to go through a whole whirlwind of story for each of the characters from the beginning of the episode, and then see where they are at the end of the episode," Stephen says. "And with Chase, there is a lot going on with what he is doing career-wise, and with his girlfriend and as a big brother to Chuck (Michael May). So there is a warm fuzzy feeling, I think, that people will get as far as those storylines, and all of the questions will be answered."

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So we shouldn't expect a big cliffhanger with Chase's story? "No, I think the fans are going to be excited because they won't be left hanging too much with what's going on with Chase," he assures us.  

When OTH was wrapping up season eight, the cast still had no idea if they would be back for another year, which was a situation that Stephen could best describe as "weird," especially since he had to say goodbye to his fellow castmembers. "It was weird every day because you don't know if you're saying goodbye. You will see in the episode the week before the finale that the guys are up camping and the girls are in Puerto Rico," he tells us. "So half of us were finishing and taking off, and the crew and pretty much all the girls were skipping down to Puerto Rico to continue their shoot. It's just weird to think because they were still shooting where I had wrapped, and it very well could have been a series wrap."

Still, Stephen remains optimistic about returning next year. "I am always on the positive [side] of the 50/50 because I think there should be a farewell season, and we should know exactly when [the show] is going to be done."

As long as One Tree Hill fans are dominating our Save One Show competition (a feat Stephen calls "pretty incredible"), we will also be staying positive for a true OTH farewell season.

Do you think OTH deserves a chance to really say goodbye to fans? Or do you think eight seasons is enough?

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