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Which Social Network Star's Great-Grandfather Is Prince William's Godfather?

Armie Hammer Alberto E. Rodriguez/Wireimage

Little did we know that one of the male leads in The Social Network has a very royal connection.

Although he didn't score an invite to the royal wedding, his last name is as close to American royalty as you can get, and he's playing Prince Andrew Alcott in the upcoming Snow White

Who could it be?

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Armie Hammer Alberto E. Rodriguez/Wireimage

Armie Hammer.

Turns out the actor-slash-great-grandson of business tycoon and oil industrialist Armand Hammer is closer to royalty than we think!

"Armie's great-grandfather, Armand, was a mentor to Prince Charles throughout his life," a source tells us of Armand, who passed away in 1990, eight years after Prince William was born.

While the families are not as close as they once were and the living Hammers didn't make the 1,900-person royal wedding guest list, the source tells us that "Armie's parents have met Princess Diana and Prince Charles" and that the American family welcomes catching up with their British friends.

But Armie, who mastered the role(s) of the Winklevoss twins in The Social Network, is becoming a prince on his own!

The actor is set to play Prince Andrew Alcott in the upcoming Snow White—the one starring Lily Collins and Julia Roberts as the evil queen, not to be confused with Kristen Stewart's Snow White and the Huntsman.

We think it's high time Armie and Wills reunite their powerful American and British families!

Hammer is as close to royalty as we get here in Amurica and he did recently get married as well (to TV host/actress Elizabeth Chambers,) perhaps a double date is in the cards?

We'll be waiting on those paparazzi shots!

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