Ricky Gervais


Wondering why Ricky Gervais wasn't invited to Duke William and Duchess Kate's nuptials? Wonder no more.

Never one to shy away from a barbed comment, the outspoken comedian couldn't help but to offer up a few jokes regarding the big day via his blog.

"I sent Prince Harry a text today offering to gag up his best man speech. (True.), " Gervais wrote. "He said he was fine. Hmmm? If I hear he's done any holocaust or famine s--t I will sue obviously. I also reminded him it wasn't fancy dress."

And that was just the beginning...

"On a serious note; I really like Harry," Gervais went on. "I like William too and really wish the happy couple all the best, as I would anyone on their wedding day. But...really. Enough already. Who are these f--king mongs from all over the world camping out for f--king days to get a 30 second glimpse of two people from 30 yards away? Christ. Still, mustn't grumble. I suppose everyone gets a day off."

And then it was time to take a crack at David Beckham (well, sort of).

"Everybody was saying that David Beckham has started to look like me," Gervais said. "I was flattered until I realized that my name was somehow being used as an insult. (F--k it. I'm still taking it as a compliment.)"

Gervais then posted a photo of himself with the caption, "Here he is looking great."

Perhaps the Hollywood Foreign Press Association should give this funnyman another shot.

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