William & Kate's Royal Wedding

William and Kate's wedding, meet the (royal) parents.

Prince Charles and Camilla Duchess of Cornwall, William's father and stepmother, natch, have arrived at the ceremony. And they may as well enjoy themselves, 'cause guess who's helping to foot the reputedly $10 million bill?

The next King of England, of course. (Kate's father, James Middleton, was expected to kick in, too, per royal expert Angela Rippon.)

For covering his share of the tab, Charles got to invite his own guests.

"This list included friends, family and those who have been especially generous to his charities over the years," Rippon tells us.

Camilla, meanwhile, doesn't have a special role today, which isn't to say the sometimes-controversial royal isn't special to the bride and groom.

"She is very close to both William and Kate, and has been involved in helping them to plan the wedding," Rippon says. "…Kate has become very fond of her, especially as she has been able to talk at some length about the sort of life she is going to be leading now that [Kate] is joining 'The Firm.'"

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