Princess Tournament


Is almost time! We're just days away from declaring the winner in our Best Princess Ever tournament, and once again, the upsets kept coming! Your votes have helped the Disney royalty continue its wave of domination.

Check out the results the results now!

Princess Jasmine just cannot be stopped. Not only did she send real-life Princess Diana packing in the last round, she bested Far Far Away's Princess Fiona in the Final Four with 52 percent of the vote. And while Cinderella was able to end Grace Kelly's run in an earlier round, she proved no match for Rapunzel from Tangled. The long-locked beauty brought in a dominating 67 percent of your votes to advance to the finals.

This is it, people. The winner is in your hands. The real-life princess have shown they just don't have what it takes to go up against these animated heavy hitters. Can Jasmine continue her magic carpet ride to the top spot? Or will Rapunzel sweep in and claim victory? Vote now and be sure to follow all the action on Twitter @RoyalsWed!

Best Princess Ever, The Finals!
Game 5.1

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