Best Princess Tournament Round 3
William & Kate's Royal Wedding

It's almost that time, royals fans! That's right, we're thisclose to crowning the best princess of all-time. These ladies have their eyes on the prize, but it's up to you to determine who will make it all the way. The verdict is back from round two, and it was full of upsets!

Did your favorite make it through? Check out the results:

The animated royalty are ascending the ranks like nobody's business, and Princess Jasmine managed to edge out Kate Middleton (gasp!) with a mere 51 percent. Belle put an end to fan favorite Giselle's reign after grabbing 63 percent of the vote, while Rapunzel had Buttercup hitting the road after scoring 60 percent in their matchup.

Both Princess Diana and Grace Kelly are still sweeping up from round two, where Di ended Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden's run early after nabbing 80 percent of the vote, and Kelly ousted Sleeping Beauty with 55 percent.

So who will make it to the royal court of four? It's up to you! Can the bevy of Disney princesses show our real-life ladies how it's done? Or will Di continue her winning streak? Vote now and be sure to follow all the action on Twitter @RoyalsWed!

Best Princess Ever Round 3
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