White Men Can’t Jump, He Got Game, Hoosiers

20th Century Fox ; Touchtone Pictures; Orion Pictures

With college basketball's Final Four weekend upon us, and so many great storylines to be resolved before Monday's NCAA championship game, we decided to cook up a list of our own favorite storylines from our favorite hoops movies.

Hollywood loves basketball more than any other sport.  And why not? Even the least athletic movie star can usually dribble on cue and let the editors do the rest (though as we'll see, some even struggle with that).

But the basketball movies we love the most are the ones that have less to do with wins and losses than with the reasons we play: to learn about life and to have fun. That's why our list goes from supernatural-themed comedies to serious drama to documentaries, from inner-city morality tales to small-town feel-good flicks.

So when the real games are over this weekend, here's our list to get you through the off-season.

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