Jay-Z: super sports fan or scofflaw?

It all boils down to what went down in the locker room between Hova and some young men.

Wait, what?!

Jay-Z, Kentucky Twitter


According to  CBSSports.com, the NBA is launching an official investigation into exactly why the hip-hopster was chillin' with the Kentucky Wildcats in their locker room Sunday after they secured a spot in the Final Four.

Jay, a part-owner of the New Jersey Nets, sparked interest from the prying eyes of the NBA after Kentucky guard Darius Miller tweeted a pic of the rapper, in shades and a hoodie, with the team in the Prudential Center in Newark after their win against the University of North Carolina. Hova can also be seen in a postgame video greeting the players coming off the court, giving first-bumps and back slaps before following the team into the locker room.

Can't a famous fan cheer on his team?

Well, with Wildcats  Terrence Jones and Brandon Knight potential lottery picks in the upcoming NBA draft, the league wants to make sure Jay wasn't trying to sway the two with under-the-table recruiting.

Jones, who admitted to CBS that the team members all gave Jay a handshake and screamed his name, said the rapper simply congratulated the team. The players all seemed genuinely stoked to meet him from what we see on the video.

But apparently, with Jay being an NBA team owner, his little visit could cost him big bucks—upwards of a $30,000 fine. Not like he can't afford it, but seems kind of steep for a quick visit, especially for someone like Jay-Z—a huge sports fan who doesn't hide his love for his teams, especially the New York Yankees.

But back in 2007, Boston Celtics general maganer Danny Ainge was hit with a $30,000 fine after he sat with a college player's mom during the Big 12 tournament before the player announced he'd be headed to the NBA.

No comment yet from the NBA or Jay-Z.

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