Miley Cyrus


Guess who's back?

Nearly a year and a half after peacing out of social media and making quite a splash as the first high profile Twitter quitter, Miley Cyrus returned to her 140-character glory over the weekend, launching her comeback tweet from the account of her longtime record producers, Rock Mafia.

We were kinda hoping for another rap, but we'll take what we can get. So what was so important that Miley ended her self-imposed Twitter ban?

Well, nothing. Yet.

"This is my new way to connect," Miley wrote. "When I need to speak out I will tweet from @Rock_Mafia ROCK MAFIA FOREVER xMC."

And while E! News has confirmed that it is in fact Miley writing, just to ensure the same to her fans, she linked to a twitpic of herself and songwriter/producer Antonina Armato from yesterday's daylong studio session.

The Rock Mafia reclaimed their account shortly after, explaining to fans that Miley "will tweet from here till we convince her to make a new account!!!! ;)"

And that was all it took for #1123MC (in honor of the Nov. 23 birthday girl) to start on its way to becoming a trending topic.

"11:23," Miley wrote a short time later (you can tell her tweets from the rest as she helpfully signs off "xMC)."

"I look everyday. It's my birthday & it reminds me I am meant to be here. Fulfilling my purpose to spread love. xMC."

Meanwhile, doing quite the opposite last week was someone pretending to be Courtney Love.

On Thursday, the Twitter handle cloverxxxlove appeared online with a bang, with the first of the tweets purportedly from Courtney going after E!'s own resident funny lady Chelsea Handler. The attempts at disses were quickly followed by bizarre rants and oblique references to feuds long past to various other American and British celebrities.

The account wasn't verified, however, and while the tweets were widely picked up and credited to Courtney (the writer had her shambolic style down pat), Love's manager couldn't confirm that it was in fact the rocker's doing.

Now, the former Hole frontwoman is defending herself, saying that the tweeter was "absolutely not me."

"I was horrified to find whoever it was was insulting my friends…I would never be so classless as to discuss their private lives in such a vulgar manner," she told Page Six.

Yeah. Particularly not since the last time she did so she had to shell out $430,000 in a lawsuit.

"I deleted my Twitter account months ago," she added. Let's hope she keeps it that way.

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