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    The Race for Hunger Games' Peeta Mellark Heats Up

    Alex Pettyfer, Hunter Parrish Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images; Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

    We've got our Katniss Everdeen—"super excited" Jennifer Lawrence—locked in for The Hunger Games. So now it will be easier to start casting the rest of the flick, right?

    We have a feeling the role of Peeta Mellark will be announced next, and the deciding factor will be who has the best chemistry with Jennifer.

    Will it be Alex Pettyfer? Or fan favorite Hunter Parrish?

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    Alex and Hunter have both confirmed they've met with producers about the role.

    Parrish dished just this week: "If it's Jennifer Lawrence, man, sign me up!"

    But will Lionsgate do just that?

    We are hot for Parrish, no doubt, and you all seemed into him when we polled you a few weeks ago.

    Hate to admit it, but attitude-ridden Alex Pettyfer has really grown on us the more we think about it. Hello, how freaking hot would he and Jennifer Lawrence be on screen together?!

    The only reason we were kind of meh about Alex was that he was blabbing so much about the possibility of the role saying he would consider taking it.

    Come on, if offered he would jump on it! But remember, this is a guy who's kinda hot(-headed) in the emo department, just ask ex Dianna Agron.

    So will Lionsgate bite?

    Vanessa Hudgens' "friend" Josh Hutcherson also confirmed he has met with producers, but we're just not really feeling him as much. No reason really—sorry Hutcherson fans—we're just into Alex and Hunter more.

    But enough about us! Who do you all want to see on screen with Jennifer? Here's your last chance to plead for your Peeta!

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