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Forget the Dress! Which Tiara Will Kate Middleton Wear?

Kate Middleton, Prince William Chris Jackson/Getty Images

When I was grilling one of my fabulous new Palace sources over which wedding dress the uniquely fashionable Kate Middleton will wear on April 29, when she marries Prince William, I was a bit taken aback.

"It's the Americans who are obsessed with the dress," the Royal insider sniffed. "We're much more curious about which tiara Kate will wear."

Oh, really?

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Just one look at the British press (which is slavishly devoted to the big nuptials as we are, no surprise) does prove this point.

Whereas U.S. stories about the Royal Wedding seem to be focused mainly on who's invited, who's not, and who's going to design Kate's dress—the hip and elegant house of Alexander McQueen seems to be the most current popular choice—Teams of U.K. articles are whispering feverishly about Ms. Middleton's possible tiara.

As if it's gong to be some unspoken sign of how she sees herself as a soon-to-be monarch, or something.

William Hearts Kate! Royal Romance

Especially fun is this Hello gallery devoted wholly to the tiaras the future Queen of England might choose. Included as possibilities are the Spencer Tiara, from Diana's own titled dynasty, which she chose to wear in 1981, when she wed Prince Charles (Ironically, Di did not chose to wear the Cambridge Lovers' Knot Tiara Queen Elizabeth II gifted her for her wedding day, sign o' things to come, perhaps?).

"No one knows," offered our Royal source, as to which tiara Kate would eventually opt for, if she chooses one at all. "But, I assure you, it's what people here are looking at much more than the dress."

Why's that, exactly?

"Because the Americans, really, are more interested in the wedding itself," answered the Brit know-it-all, who's been inside the walls of Buckingham Palace for many years. "We're actually interested in Prince William and his bride—after the wedding. Who they are as people."

Dunno about that. You say tiara, I say wedding—think we're all pretty preoccupied with this whole extravagant affair.

On both sides of the pond.

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