Welcome Back Kotter Cast, John Travolta


As John Travolta's character Vinnie Barbarino always used to say, "What?" "Where?" "Why?"

Well, the answers to those questions are (a) a reunion of the Welcome Back, Kotter cast (b) at the upcoming TV Land Awards (c) to receive the 35th Anniversary Award.

That's right. The Sweathogs will be coming together to reminisce about their days at Brooklyn's James Buchanan High when the hit '70s sitcom is honored at the annual event next month.

However, while Travolta has agreed to attend, so far not everyone has sent in their RSVPs, namely…

Mr. Kotter himself!

That's right, according to a press release sent out about the event, Gabe Kaplan is not listed as one of the cast members scheduled to be there on Sunday, April 10 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in NYC.

However, his on-screen wife, Marcia Strassman, is planning on attending.

And while a couple of other Sweathogs, Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs and Ron Palillo, are also confirmed, still no word if Robert Hegyes will swing by.

Of course, if he doesn't, we're sure there'll be a note signed by Juan Epstein's mother excusing him from going.

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