Lea Michele

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Lea Michele is such a tease—and we're not talking about her new cover of Cosmopolitan.

The Glee star told us about a month ago that she'd be kissing someone in her upcoming feature film debut, New Year's Eve. But she declined to reveal who the guy is.

Well, we just found out who the he is. You wanna know, too? Keep reading...

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Sources tell me that Ms. Michele is set to be locking lips with...Ashton Kutcher!

Now we totally understand what Michele, who plays a singer in the movie, meant when she said, "If I would've told my teenager self [who], I would've have freaked out. I'm just gonna block it out and pretend like he's not who he is."

The action apparently takes place in an elevator, one of our sources said, but it doesn't get too hot and steamy.

New Year's Eve, director Garry Marshall's followup to his ensemble hit Valentine's Day, began shooting last week.

I'm told security on set is tighter than they originally planned because overeager paparazzi are doing everything they can to snap pics of the cast, especially Katherine Heigl. The former Grey's Anatomy star replaced Halle Berry in the movie after she bowed out because of her ongoing child custody battle with former boyfriend Gabriel Aubry.

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