David Duchovny, Californication

Randy Tepper / Showtime

Californication was just picked up for a fifth season, and David Duchovny is understandably happy with that announcement.

To an extent…

After all, there's only so many episodes a man can bear to bare.  "That's probably why I should stop after six years, in terms of backsides," he tells us. But beyond just shots of David's derriere, the hit Showtime drama has heart and soul, especially when it comes to family.

"The heart of the show and what prevents it from spiraling off into nothing is the fact this guy does love this woman and he loves his daughter and he wants it to work but he keeps on screwing up," David says. "And they're all screwing up. So I think without that we don't have a show."

Watch what else David has to say about his backside, the season five announcement, and Rob Lowe looking like Brad Pitt.

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