In the latest Funny or Die offering, Rob Lowe goes bat-dung crazy in a narcissistic rage, yelling at his Parks and Recreation costars: "There was no f--king show before me!"

And here's the thing. Although the entire rant is presented as a joke, there's more truth to it than you might think. P-Rex god/costar Nick Offerman (Ron Swanson) exclusively tells us this of Rob:

"I think people will agree by far that this is [the funniest thing he's ever done]," Offerman promises of Rob's new role on Parks and Recreation. "He was known to be good-looking, he was known to be a great actor, but lo and behold he's incredibly hilarious."

Now pay attention P-Rex haters! 'Cause I can tell you after watching the first six episodes of the new season that Parks & Recreation is better than it's ever been, and in fact, has become outrageously good. And that is thanks, in part, to what Nick put so eloquently (before discussing Rob's penis...more on that later): Rob Lowe kicks some serious comedy ass as Chris, the new government suit in town who cozies up to Ann (Rashida Jones), tries to hire away April (Aubrey Plaza) and is literally the most positive person ever to grace television—without, somehow, managing to annoy.

Plus, you know, it doesn't hurt that the new writing is fantastic and the cast has really found its groove. So P-Rex certainly seems poised for a well-received return—even to those who didn't believe in the show's existence before Rob joined/season three.

Stand by for an exclusive sitdown with Amy Poehler and Nick O., and more shameless gushing from me about the new Parks & Recreation season. (Sue me, I'm now an über-fan.) In the meantime, set your DVR for P-Rex's return this Thursday on NBC.

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