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Celebrity of the Year

The competition is heating up! As we head into round 2 of our Celeb of the Year tournament, we're down to 32 Hollywood big shots who had a great 2010.

While your votes delivered a few blowouts in round 1, several races were neck and neck to the end:

The winner by the widest margin was Harry Potter star Emma Watson, who handled her competition, True Blood star Anna Paquin, easily: 71 percent to 29 percent.

But the closest race was by far the most surprising. James Franco just barely managed to edge out Ke$ha, finally sending the singer packing after grabbing 51 percent of the vote to her 49.

Other tight races with shocking results included Sexiest Man Ryan Reynolds defeating Robert Downey Jr., and Eminem bidding Angelina Jolie adieu.

So here they are, the 32 celebs who survived to see round 2. Vote now and make sure your fave makes it to round 3!