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"Give Damon some love!" This is what Ian Somerhalder tells me he's been begging of the Vampire Diaries producers, especially since his romantic-rival bro Stefan (Paul Wesley) is about to have what appears to be cable-grade cave sex with Katherine (Nina Dobrev) in tonight's episode. "I was jealous!" Ian tells me. So will it happen? Will Damon get some lovin' soon? And what's this about Ian fielding marriage proposals in real life?

In this exclusive interview, Ian spills on that, plus a surprising upcoming alliance for Damon...

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Check out all the goods in part two of my video interview with Ian below!

Yes, that's right. I'm making you watch the video. (For shame!) Because in this case, typed-out words of what Ian said just don't do him justice. 

This is the second half of my sit-down with Ian, and if you are a fan, you really need to watch both parts. Warning though: He's so darn charming/fun/accessible you might find yourself doing something crazy like, oh, proposing to him via Twitter or offering him paternal rights to your unborn child. The threat is real.

Here is part one of my interview with Ian (which some of you saw yesterday):

And here is part two...

Anyone looking forward to tonight's Vampire Diaries on the CW and watching Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev go at it like rabid animals? I sure am. You know, ahem, just from a journalistic, creative-TV-appreciation level and nothing more.  

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