Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie

Amanda Schwab/

Angelina Jolie can be a handful, huh?

Just ask Brad Pitt, who couldn't resist squeezing her booty in full view of the photogs as he escorted her to the premiere of The Tourist in NYC. (Not that we can blame him. It looks so soft and fuzzy.)

Even more surprising than Brad copping a feel was what the super couple told E! News last night:

Which was absolutely nothing.

Yep, both Ange and Brad opted not to speak to any of the media outlets braving the cold last night—except for Entertainment Tonight.

We know Angelina is a really hot huge star and a very important person and all that, but couldn't she answer a question or two about the movie she's starring in?

Heck, even the enigmatic and press-shy Johnny Depp stopped to chat with us.

Then again, maybe she was mad at E! since our own Chelsea Handler called her a very unkind name during her stand up act?

But that still doesn't explain why Brangelina blew off all the other media outlets. How about showing the press some of that charity you're so good at, guys?

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