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UPDATE (June 17, 2011): Diandra Douglas was shut down again when an NYC judge reiterated his previous decision that her case belongs in California, if anywhere.

She has filed a notice that she'll appeal to a higher court, but Michael Douglas' attorney, Marilyn Chinitz, told reporters that she hopes the latest ruling "would be the last of it."

Michael Douglas has one less thing to worry about as he recovers from his debilitating treatment for his cancer.

Namely, ex-wife Diandra, who was gunning for a big chunk of his Wall Street payday.

But apparently you don't mess with Gordon Gekko.

A New York judge has dismissed a lawsuit brought by Diandra over the summer. She claimed that per her 2000 divorce agreement with Michael, she was entitled to 50 percent of his payout for Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps because it was a sequel to a film made during their marriage.

According to Michael's lawyer, though, it wasn't the novel argument that the judge didn't buy. Instead, it was tossed on technicality—the judge said the case didn't belong in a New York court.

"It's been dismissed out of New York," attorney Marilyn Chinitz told E! News. "I don't know if she'll bring a lawsuit in California [which would have primary jurisdiction because of residency]. But I think it would be foolish to do so and will be dismissed on the merits."

Chinitz added that she spoke to the 66-year-old actor this morning and "he's thrilled" with the outcome.

She said that Douglas is also "doing terrific" after completing his treatment for throat cancer.

"He's feeling better everyday," she said.

We're glad to hear.

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