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    David Arquette to Howard Stern: Courteney and I Don't Have Prenup

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    Courteney Cox, David Arquette
    Courteney Cox, David Arquette John Shearer/WireImage.com

    David Arquette's motor mouth is a little like the Scream killer's mask: he can't keep it shut.

    After previously acknowledging that he shared way too many details regarding his recent split from wife Courteney Cox the last time he was on with Howard Stern, the 39-year-old actor just couldn't help himself today when he returned to the satellite radio show.

    Not only did he reveal this time that he's slept with not one, but at least two women since his separation, but he confirmed what E! News had earlier suspected: that he and his estranged Cougar Town love don't have a prenup.

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    "No," replied Arquette when asked about it by one of the shock-jock's cronies. "I don't want to talk about that. Whatever we work out it will be good."

    Two weeks ago, Arquette called into Stern and confirmed that he and Cox had decided to end their 11-year union and that he had hooked up with waitress Jasmine Waltz after the separation.

    It seems since then the onetime WCW champ is upping that body count pretty quick.

    Arquette said today that he did the deed with a new squeeze, an Australian blonde he had met recently at a bash at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood.

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    "I'm pretty sure I'm up sh-t's creek right now," Arquette said after confessing his latest conquest. "After the first girl I slept with I was crying. I know that's not very sexy...what it does lack is that emotional love that I always have with Court."

    Stern did get a good chuckle from Arquette after suggesting the newly single actor might want to take a stab at dating Jennifer Aniston.

    "Not right, not good. Cool it. Settle down," laughed David, adding that the thought of sleeping with Aniston, who's best friends with his missus, was never a consideration.

    Arquette doesn't have to feel too badly about his return to the single life. He also revealed that while their lawyers begin the painful process of figuring out how best to divvy up their assets, Cox has started to hit the dating circuit as well.

    Commenting on reports that she's seeing her Cougar Town costar Brian Van Holt, Arquette described the actor as "a cool guy."

    "Everyone has their problems but she is incredible.  Any guy would be blessed to be with her," he said. "I don't have any hard feelings for anyone. This is life and we are just going through it publicly."

    No thanks to you.

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