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Today is a very special day. No, not because you remembered where you left your car keys. (But good for you!)

Today marks the official start of November sweeps, and that means mega-wattage guest stars, jaw-dropping storylines and a whole lot more headed to your TV! To make sure you don't miss anything, here are the five must-see sweeps stunts we're already drooling over (in no particular order):

Gwyneth Paltrow, Country Strong

Screen Gems

1. Gwyneth Gleeks Out! Oscar-winner Gwyneth Paltrow is really truly stopping by McKinley High this fall (as we first reported, thankyouverymuch), and not only is she bringing those tip-tip acting chops, she'll be singing as well! Oh, and she might throw another wrench into the whole Wemma quadrangle, but we know you guys don't care about that at all. Ahem. Maybe if we play our cards right, Gwynnie's gal will ride off into the sunset on that Rocky Horror motorcycle with Carl the Dentist (John Stamos), and Will and Emma will live happily ever after. Also heading to Glee this fall is Kurt's probable-soon-to-be-boyfriend Blaine, played by  future husband in the making Darren Criss. (Check back for our exclusive Q&A with him posting soon.)

Jennifer Grey, Derek Hough, DWTS


2. Jennifer Grey Wins DWTS! Premature, shmeemature! We know talent when we see it, and this Baby's got it. Sure, America (and those darn judges with their wonky score paddles) have the final say, but we're calling it now: Jennifer Grey and her adorably sexy partner Derek Hough will walk away with that coveted mirrorball trophy. She's got the moves, the poise, the grace—heck, she may as well be one of the professionals up there showing the actors how to two-step. One thing we know for sure is that come Nov. 22 and Nov. 23, the only place you'll wanna be is tuning into ABC (and then checking back here for the backstage scoop, of course).

Friday Night Lights Cast

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3. Lights Out on FNL! We hate to see it go, but at least television's underdog savior known as DirecTV is dishing out one more season of our beloved Friday Night Lights. And let us just say this: It. Is. Goood. It really doesn't feel like the final season, which is an unexpected treat. Plus, there's Taylor Kitsch (yep, he's still around), gorgeous newbie Grey Damon (check him out here), and all the Coach and Tami Taylor you can handle. Season five kicked off last night, but there's plenty of FNL fun throughout November, so get on board.

Teri Hatcher, Dean Cain, The New Adventures of Lois and Clark


4. Teri Hatcher Plus Superman Forever! Lois Lane's in the hiz-ouse! Something big is happening on Smallville during sweeps when Teri Hatcher (Lois of yesteryear) stops by the CW hit to play Erica Durance, aka present Lois' late mother Ella Lane. "We thought, Who do you get to play Lois' mom?" show runner Brian Peterson tells us. "And everybody just looked at each other and was like, 'Beep, beep—Teri Hatcher!' She's been fantastic." The emotional episode airs Nov. 12, and is centered on Lois discovering old home movies left to her by the then-ailing Ella. Tear.



5. Guest Stars Galore! Nothing spruces up your favorite shows more than a fresh face (preferably a very famous one with a huge fan following!) and lucky for us, the network bigwigs are sparing no expense to deliver this year. Mandy Moore and Ryan Devlin are reprising their emotional season-finale roles on Grey's Anatomy (Oct. 28; Nov. 4), geek goddess Eliza Dushku will sexify The Big Bang Theory (Nov. 4), Nicole Scherzinger is ready to rival Robin Sparkles on How I Met Your Mother (Nov. 15), Hilary Duff will be a very mean girl on Community (Nov. 4), Amber Tamblyn will test House's patience on, well, House (Nov. 8), Sara Rue will visit Rules of Engagement (Nov. 8) and Miranda Cosgrove will turn dramatic on The Good Wife (Nov. 16). Whew!

Any special stunts coming up that we've missed? Sound off below.

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