Janine Lindemulder

Vince Bucci/Getty Images

If it's good enough for an A-lister like Shia LeBeouf, it's good enough for Jesse James' porn star ex. Um, right?

Taking a cue  from the Transformers action hero, Janine Lindemulder tossed a cup of coffee at photographer and then shoved him after a court hearing in her and James' child-custody case.

Here's what went down.

Lindemulder was exiting Orange County Superior Court after the hearing concerning visitation for their daughter Sunny. While James was MIA, his lawyers prevented Lindemulder from having court-ordered visits with the 6-year-old girl, claiming Lindemulder was a threat to kidnap the tyke.

But the two sides did manage to work out a a temporary visitation plan today. Details were not revealed, but a court healing was set for Nov. 5 to make the deal official.

In any case, Lindemulder wasn't in any mood to deal with shutterbugs when things wrapped up.

"She threw coffee at my house and broke my camera," the unidentified photographer relayed to E! News. "The lady pushed me and I hit my back on a concrete post. My back hurts really bad."

He was whisked away by ambulance as O.C. Sheriff's deputies escorted Lindemulder back into the courthouse for questioning.

After debriefing her and reviewing TMZ footage of the incident (featuing the photog rushing toward Lindemulder while she was in an elevator and her tossing the coffee and knocking him backward, Humpty-Dumpty-like, amid a flurry of F-bombs), the deputies let Lindemulder go without being charged.

Just in case, maybe she should switch to decaf.

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