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Mom's got a clothing line to sell. Hubby's got a book to hype. What good timing then that rumor of a Beyoncé pregnancy has fixed the spotlight on the every word and move of Tina Knowles and Jay-Z

Of course, when the timing gets that good people get suspicious.

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So, here's the question: Was the baby-(not)-on-board story planted to promote the far-flung enterprises of Beyoncé Family Inc.?

For starters, we touched base with The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which had Tina Knowles on its set yesterday. (The interview, in which Mother Knowles, natch, addresses—and dismisses—the pregnancy rumor, is scheduled to air today.)

We asked if Tina Knowles was booked before the Us Weekly story hit, and we were told, yes, yes she was. So, for all we know, Ellen just so happens to be a big fan of Miss Tina tunics, which is presumably all she would've asked Mother Knowles if the Us Weekly story hadn't hit. 

Now, you could say, well, sure, Tina Knowles was booked weeks ago, but that just gave her and Beyoncé extra time to cook up a pregnancy rumor that would ensure maximum attention.

You could also be wrong.

See, Mama Knowles wasn't exactly starved for press, pre-baby story. Just a couple of weeks ago, she was talking up her fashion line on The Today Show. (And, no, Beyoncé didn't resort to baby talk to hype that appearance.)

As for Jay-Z, he's Jay-Z. If his Miami Beach appearance last night made for big, bold headlines, then so did his previous forays in Florida. Jay-Z is famous. Beyoncé is famous. The two of them together are famous-plus, pregnancy or no.

Also, if Beyonce wanted to encourage the baby story, then she should've worn a dress that couldn't be described as "form-fitting."

Like, maybe a Miss Tina tunic?

Oh, now, that would've been family-corporate syngery…

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