Now that the miscarriage secret is out on Grey's Anatomy, Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd can start trying again to make a baby with great hair and strong genes for a future in medicine, right?

Maybe not. We just caught up with Ellen Pompeo herself at a launch event for Huggies' Every Little Bottom charity campaign, which is devoted to making diapers available to low-income mothers, and it sounds like Meredith might not find herself in a family way during season seven:

Pompeo is herself a happy new mama to Stella Luna Ivery, who just turned a year old, but her character may not be joining her in maternal bliss any time soon.

Says Pompeo, "There probably won't be a baby this season, for sure. It's hard to shoot babies and deal with babies on shows, so I don't know that we'll ever actually see a baby, but I think Derek (Patrick Dempsey) and Meredith are going to continue to go through their struggles about being a couple and working together and all of that."

OK, so the bad news for us fans is that Pompeo believes Meredith won't be knocked up by sweeps; the good news is that the show will continue exploring the fundamentally dramatic challenges of Meredith and Derek in a serious committed relationship. 

Now, while it seems unfortunate that baby-making isn't going to be a focus of Grey's this season, there are quite a few other storylines to focus on. Pompeo tells us the biggest one is for Mer's soulmate, Cristina (Sandra Oh), saying, "The first half of the season is a great storyline that centers around Sandra Oh's character and her post-traumatic stress disorder, which she's dealing with from the shooting. It's played brilliantly by Sandra. Her acting is impeccable, and the storyline is great for her. I think it's a very entertaining first half of the season."

Are you guys OK waiting a while for Baby Shepherd?

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