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The U.K. edition of Glamour has just named Robert Pattinson the most stylish British dude, based on a recent poll. The Brits are feeling his leather-jacket wearing, blue-jean sporting, and Ray-Ban stunning style, more so than any other hunk across the sea.

But guess which one of his trendy leading lady costars topped Glamour's best-dressed female list?

Harry Potter's Emma Watson landed in first place, fighting off the likes of spice girl-turned-designer Victoria Beckham, who came in second. How could they not vote Em No. 1? The wonderful wizard's a Burberry model for Brit's sakes.

But did your Twi-hearts just stop for a sec? First Emma and Kristen were supposedly (and wrongly) feuding over R.Pattz and now Kristen was beat out by the wiz for fab fashion sense?!

Well no duh! Pattinson's real-life leading lady Kristen Stewart doesn't qualify! Wrong accent, wrong address, see? So quit you're bitchin'! We're totally feeling the Glamour picks.

Are you?

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Do you agree with the Brits about Rob¿s wicked style?
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