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    New Vampire Flick Is No Twilight: "We Don't Have Teenagers With Fangs"

    Just because Priest is being billed as vampire movie, it ain't no Twilight.

    Sure, there are bloodsucking creatures trying to take over the world in this movie adaptation of the Priest graphic novel series, but…

    "We don't have teenagers with fangs," Priest star Maggie Q tells me. "You're going to watch it and you're going to be scared s--tless because it is actually terrifying."

    In other words, sensitive romancing fangsters like Edward Cullen don't exist in this world. "We are not Twilight," Q says. "First of all, we're not that good-looking and we're not perfect and we're not 12. We're all old and flawed."

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    Maggie Q, Nikita Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW

    Q is way too modest. She's hot. Her Priest costars Stephen Moyer (yes, the True Blood star!), Twilight's Cam Gigandet and Paul Bettany are hot, too. I mean, Bettany is superhot. "Ridiculous," Q says about his ripped bod. "Paul, by nature is kind of a gangly thing, but when he dedicates himself, boy is he hunky!...Paul is just so goofy that it's hard to picture him as hunky, but he absolutely was. He looked amazing."

    And if you need any proof that Q is quite the looker herself, check out her new television series, the Nikita reboot on the CW. She kicks some major ass. In one scene, she takes on nine guys. "It's nine guys in a room with sewing machines and people running and screaming and there's steam and cable and lights," she says. "Some of my costars have said, 'You know, Mag, stop being good at fighting one person and they won't give you nine."

    No surprise—and much to Q's delight—she's well on her way to being a lesbian icon. "I think I just sort of shut the girlie off and just go full-on butch the minute a fight starts," she says. "I've got a couple of lesbian friends who are crew on the show and they're always like, 'Dude! Maggie, dude—so cool' I'm like, I'm friends with the lesbians! That takes a lot."

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