Jake Gyllenhaal, Alec Baldwin

Rick Rowell/ABC; Ash Knotek/Snappers/ZumaPress

All our fave animal-loving celebs were out at last weekend's PETA's 30th Anniversary Gala and Humanitarian Awards, gabbing about which stars they'd like to see strip down for one of their infamous ads.

As Marc Malkin reported, Alec Baldwin was gung-ho on the elegant I Girl Blake Lively—as he also told us: "I think it would be wrong of me to suggest Blake Lively—that when I think of anybody taking their clothes off, it's Blake." But we've already had ladies from the A- to Z-list ranks of celebrity put their ta-tas to good use.

A dude should be next! So who?

For the record, when we asked Alec if he would pose, he said "No, no, no. Nobody would want me to do it."

Uh, we would—probably. 30 Rock has only raised Baldwin's sweaty sex appeal.

Or maybe Jake Gyllenhaal?

So sue us if we like to see the guy naked. He's mucho into his adopted pups, so why not fight puppy mills with an ad that says, maybe: "I'd Rather Rock My New Beard Naked Than Buy A Dog From A Pet Store!"

Ryan Gosling and Jon Hamm are studs who also come to mind, just in case you're reading this, PETA folks. But Twilight babe Christian Serratos dished she's down to offer up all her vampy costars.

"We should do a whole cast photo, right?" 'fessed C., saying she wouldn't mind getting naked herself. Just imagine: R.Pattz, K.Stew and the gang sans clothes for a good cause.

Can you think of anything better?

But first things first, get Pam Anderson—who, when asked who she'd want to see pose au natural, said: "Anybody. Anybody and everybody."—on the phone and wrangle a stud.

Consider us shocked when The Hills babe Stephanie Pratt was the only one who was feeling our vibe, fantasizing: "Christian Bale. And David Beckham—in the same ad. And throw in Josh Duhamel!"

Sounds good to us!

Worst case scenario, it makes the ads seem a little less sexist and a little more serious.

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