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    Looks Like We Won't Find Out How Nic Cage Blew His Fortune

    Nicolas Cage, Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans First Look Pictures

    Nicolas Cage is keeping his dirty laundry on lockdown.

    The Oscar-winning actor has reached a settlement in dueling lawsuits versus his former accountant that will keep the actor from a potentially embarassing showdown in court.

    Our loss is his gain?

    In a declaration filed with a Los Angeles court, Cage announced that he resolved his differences with Sam Levin.Cage filed a $20 million legal salvo against the business manager alleging Levin blew up Cage's bank account by making risky investment decisions.

    Levin fired back with a suit of his own seeking $128,000 in unpaid business management fees, alleging that by the time he was hired by the Ghost Rider star in 2001, Cage already had owed millions in unpaid income taxes due and was teetering on the brink of financial ruin.

    If the case had gone to trial, Levin was expected to go into detail on Cage's allegedly crazy spending habits, which, according to legal documents, included "15 palatial homes around the world, four yachts, an island in the Bahamas, a Gulfstream jet, millions of dollars in jewelry and art."

    What else was Nic to do with all those National Treasure paychecks?

    Terms of the settlement were not disclosed. Neither Levin nor Cage's attorney, Marty Singer, were available for comment.


    Cage's financial troubles just keep going and going. Read about another suit here.