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Dear Ted:
What can you tell me about Dianna Agron? She's beautiful and seems like a real sweetheart. I think you implied in a recent Bitch-Back that she gets around. She's young and gorgeous, so why not live it up; I just hope she doesn't get a bad rep for it (the way guys don't!). I'd love to see her and the equally beautiful Mark Salling get together! Thoughts?

Dear Too Good to Be-Glee-ve:
Love Di! One of the most genuinely sweet gals to hit the red carpet in a while, really. But no, Kell, you're misreading what I wrote. I said that plenty of dudes are linked up to her these days—as in, strictly speculation. Lucky guys though to even be rumored to be in a relaysh with Dianna (leaving the luckiest and hunkiest of all to nab her as a GF, no doubt). As for Mark, well, I think he'll avoid dating costars for a long time—ya know, after everything.

Dear Ted:
Just watched tonight's True Blood. Is it true? Please tell me it's not true! Is Alexander Skarsgård really leaving True Blood? Is this why he is with that awful Kate Bosworth? Trying to get involved in another series?

Dear North by Eric Northman:
Rest assured, babe, Alex isn't going anywhere. Sorry if that spoils anyone, but do you really think Alan Ball and the HBO honchos would let this sexy Swede ditch his fangs so easily? Plus, we chatted with Kristin Bauer van Straten (aka, the deliciously bitchy Pam), and she confirmed that A.Skars is definitely back next season.

Dear Ted:
Whatever happened to Charmaine Chuck-Up? I was certain I knew who she was, but now it seems I've gone and mixed her up with Eartha Bertha! So many beards, who can keep them all straight?

Dear Big Bertha:
You accidentally just did yourself a favor, K, because, forget Char, Eartha is the beard to watch these days, trust.

Dear Ted:
Toothy Tile's identity hit me the other day while I was waiting in line to buy some beef. I know you can't confirm any names, so just answer this: Is he good at accents, not afraid of animation and can get his spy on? My yorkie Peanut sends kisses!

Dear Laying Tile:
Big kisses back to your pup and a sorry to his mommy, 'cause actually T2 isn't really great at any of those things. Surprisingly, you're zero for three.

Dear Ted:
How do you rate Lindsay Lohan's chances of succeeding in her rehab program this time around? (Even seeming no-hopers like Pete Doherty have managed to get it together). Who in the past had Hollywood written off only for them to come storming back again?
—Hopeful Libertines Fan

Dear Lohan-dling It:
I'd rate ‘em a lot higher if the "reformed" L.L. would finally take some responsibility to for actions instead of saying she's taking responsibility, then spouting off a bunch of stupid excuses. As is, well, at least she's not back in the slammer yet.

Dear Ted:
I happen to like both Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston, but it does seem to me that Angie is the superior big-screen actress and Jenny's talent lies on the little screen. That being said, why isn't some smart network exec shopping out a great show to Miss Aniston where she would absolutely rock? She's decent in supporting roles on the silver screen, but she can't seem to carry the leading lady stuff to major success yet. Is her agent pushing her to do movies? Or is that her choice, 'cause I think she'd kick butt on a TV series if she'd just give it a chance and give the film career a rest.

Dear Marley & Not Jen:
Jennifer wants to be a movie star! She's already conquered TV. Don't expect her to go running back with her tail between her yummy, toned legs just yet.

Dear Ted:
I'm still curious about the "real smoke monster" on Lost. Can you "not" a few castmembers? We know it's not Josh Holloway, but can you name a few others on the set who were relatively Vice-free? Is the "monster" a male or female? My three-legged rescue terrier is anxious for more info!

Dear Burry the Hatch(et):
Relatively Vice-free? Elizabeth Mitchell, Michelle Rodriguez (minus, ya know, the obvious) and Jorge Garcia. Is that enough castaways to satisfy you, Michelle?

Dear Ted:
What are your thoughts on this "supposed" Selena Gomez-Justin Bieber relationship? I'm not a fan of either of them, and I just don't think they fit well together.

Dear Belieb That:
Sadly, it actually makes a lot more sense than some of her previous hookups. And wouldn't surprise me too much...or really at all. But that said, Biebs is enjoying his pint-size "pimp" status too much to settle down with any chick.

Dear Ted:
Looking at some pictures from the Emmy's and I can't help but wonder: Are Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer the real deal?

Dear Bill and Sookie 4eva:
The realest of the real deals. Totally heart this couple!

Dear Ted:
Dontcha think Ange would be perfect as Mrs. Robinson in a remake of The Graduate? I think she is a dead ringer for Anne Bancroft, and that is a high compliment, if you ask me.

Dear Cougartastic:
Not too shabby an idea, Sus! Plus, it'd be a nice change of pace for action-packed Angie. Who would you want to see fill the shoes of the young—and quite seduced—Dustin Hoffman? Maybe one of those Gossip Girl hunks? A Jonas Brother?

Dear Ted:
How do the Rachel Bilsons and Kate Bosworths of Hollywood manage to stick around the scene when it appears that they do nothing except attend various events? How can they afford the lifestyle when it seems like they aren't working? Do most of these starlets come from wealthy families to begin with? While my boxer-princess may not be a rescue dog, she is what saves me from going crazy sometimes. You're column helps, too!

Dear Glam Squad:
Both of the gals do actually, ya know, occasionally work. You just probably haven't heard of any of their recent projects. That said, going to events can definitely pay the bills (or at least get you free swag, which is just as good sometimes).

Dear Ted:
You say you like Lea Michele, but you keep reporting on her being a diva, and I get that it's your job to report on the gossip, but it's hard to tell if you actually like her. As a big fan of hers, I gotta ask, do you like her even if she is a diva?

Dear Diva in a D-Flat:
Of course I like her even though she's sometimes got the sourest ‘tude in all of T-town. Hell, at least she's got the talent to back it up, no?

Dear Ted:
Has Terry Tush-Trade ever hooked up with someone in the Twi cast who doesn't have a B.V. moniker? And is there any good gossip on Catherine Hardwicke's latest flick?
—Lady Lovely Pocket

Dear Vice Stuff:
Yes and yes.

Dear Ted:
When you first told us about Judas Jack-Off, he was planning to marry Dashed out of the country until his reps talked him out of it. Now that they are back together, do you think they might finally tie the knot?

Dear Abroad-Sided:
Heck no. Judas is très wary of his relaysh with D3 becoming public—hence all the drama they've been through. There's no way he'd even consider getting hitched, even in some far-off locale.

Dear Ted:
While I was watching the Emmy's on Sunday, I came to a conclusion about one of our fave girls, Kristen Stewart. Yes I know she wasn't there but her past styles were. Didn't she wear a navy gown to the Oscars and a purple dress for the Eclipse promo show with Jimmy Kimmel? She is just becoming the little trendsetter isn't she! Love her! I give her much kudos for her red carpet style. Keep up the great job, Kris, for being a trendsetter not a trend follower. What do you think?

Dear Style Stealer:
I think you've been drinking a little too much of the K.Stew Kool-Aid, Lulu. I mean, while Kris is def becoming a red carpet fashionista, a purple dress? No one has ever worn that before!

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