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    Paris Hilton's Brave Boyfriend Held Burglar at Gunpoint

    Paris Hilton, Nathan Parada, Cy Waits Chris Weeks/; Arnold Turner/

    Well, that's one way to impress your woman.

    When police arrived to arrest suspect Nathan Lee Parada after he tried to break into Paris Hilton's house, they had some help from her boyfriend Cy Waits, who was holding the would-be robber at gunpoint.

    According to a source close to Paris, it all started with a Star Map...

    A source tells me that the suspect found her residence after buying a Star Map. Parada then walked on foot from Hollywood Boulevard to her house, a source says.

    "He then waited outside her house watching her through the windows while Paris worked on an art project on her dining room table unaware of her stalker," they say. "He was waiting for her to go to sleep."

    But around 2 a.m., the suspect was surprised by Waits, who was pulling into the driveway, and then hid in the bushes.

    "At 6:30 a.m., they heard loud banging noises coming from downstairs. The man was standing staring at Paris through the window with a smile on his face and two big knives in his hands. He didn't run; he just stared through the window."

    And this was enough to make Cy jump into action and run outside with a gun. "He told the prowler to get on the ground and then kicked the knives away. He had him at gunpoint until the police arrived," the source says.

    Sources close to the heiress say she was moved by her boyfriend's bravery. "She is very with impressed with him and so are her parents," they tell me. "He's her knight in shining armor."

    The happy couple is currently in Las Vegas, where Cy manages megaclubs XS and Tryst. Paris plans to return to LA on Monday (once security has been beefed up at her house, presumably).


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