Yours truly made an appearance on Geraldo at Large this weekend, and the topic of the day was, what else, the fabulously bloody and raunchy True Blood.

But, as you can see from the clip above, not everybody agrees with me that True Blood is the greatest thing since sliced body parts:

I got into a little scuffle with Mr. Conservativy McConservative—real name, Nathan Burchfiel, who I'm pegging as a conservative because of his narrow-mindedness, stony face and sadly limp hairdo.

Plus, he had the nerve to take my comments totally out of context! Who does McConservative think he is, a gossip columnist, or something?

Burchfiel, who's assistant editor at some Obama-bashing right-wing outfit called the Cultural and Media Institute, complained on his website: "[Casablanca calls] the graphic depictions of sex and violence on HBO's vampire drama True Blood 'highly ironic' and promoted the show as 'great fun.'"

Well, aren't they? Isn't it?

Uh, yeah, even Geraldo couldn't stop going on about how much his wife "loves" the damn show. Most folks with any modicum of a sense of humor (or culture) do find some enjoyment when watching the HBO hit.

Still, I think it's unfair to single out the show as glorifying or approving of sex, murder and rape, which is what my debate opponent seems to think. It doesn't glorify—it simply depicts a caricature.

Anybody see Salt? A highly sexualized Angelina Jolie kills off person after person after person. Entourage? This season's talking points included anal sex and pubic hair. Gossip Girl, with its date rapes, or Kick-Ass and its shocking violence, or Piranha 3D and its blood 'n' boobs, or The Tudors or Californication, or Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ, even, which was bloodier and far more sadistic than anything Alan Ball has to offer. Hell, it's everywhere! It ain't just True Blood!

Also, do you really think it's all the corn syrup blood that's got all these conservatives' panties in a twist? Not, say, the homosexual nature at the root of this show and its vampires? That politically charged arena will be the next True Blood target Burchfiel and his ill-coiffed ilk will stake, trust me.

See Ted. See Ted Tweet. Tweet, Ted, Tweet.

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