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Rooney Mara

Eric Charbonneau/WireImage.com

"She was a sweetheart. She's still new in the Industry, but I can tell she's going to be in this a long time. She kind of reminded me of a Natalie Portman...her energy and everything."

The Social Network costar Cedric Sanders when we asked him what it was like working with Rooney Mara, ya know, the gal who just nabbed the lead in Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, aka the hottest role in Hollywood

Tall order to fill, seeing as Natalie is one of the best young actresses in this town. But from what we hear about Rooney, she'll have no problem garnering just as much buzz for her acting chops, even though some aren't as sweet in their compliments:

 "F--k that girl," a frequent competitor—for auditions, at least—dished about Rooney. Jokingly (we think). Indeed, we hear Rooney is a sweetie. This other rising actress has just lost way too many roles to be too happy that Mara's going to be a huge box-office star.  

And now that she's going to be über-huge, thanks to the sensational Swedish book series, we guess she'll be winning even more roles!

Speaking of Natalie, have you seen the trailer for her new flick Black Swan. Um, how friggin' creepy (and, duh, amazing) does it look? Cannot wait! No wonder Natalie is generating Oscar buzz for her performance. We assume Rooney can't be far behind!

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