Joaquin Phoenix is still here, people, and so is his movie trailer for I'm Still Here.

So, uh, do you care?

The maybe-serious, maybe-not documentary has been attracting attention for the now-retired star's bizarre appearance and behavior, as well as a pair of lawsuits filed against director Casey Affleck, but now we can decide for ourselves whether this looks like a good film. Or not.

The setup for the trailer is simple: A series of shots that show the Oscar winner in a variety of situations—riding in a limo, performing onstage, standing shirtless in a doorway—while a voice intones some heavy s--t about being a drop of water on a mountain, and we daydream about watching The Expendables again.

Maybe that's just us. What about you: Does this look some deep, delicious entertainment or a bunch of celebrity twaddle that's neither funny nor deep?


Is Paul Rudd copping Joaquin's look? Check out Snapped on Set!

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