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    Report: Sheen and Mueller Had a History of Violence

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    Now we know what caused Charlie Sheen to go ballistic with wife Brooke Mueller.

    And that apparently this wasn't the first time it happened.

    A just-released case report reveals more on what our own Marc Malkin reported back in December: Last year's infamous Christmas Day row involved allegations of previous violence, alcohol abuse and...a song by Train.

    Read the Police Report

    First, the holiday drama which saw Sheen plead guilty to third-degree domestic violence and wrangle a cozy sentence of 30 days in Malibu's Promises rehab.

    According to the Aspen police file, the actor, real name Carlos Irwin Estevez, told authorities that the argument had been sparked when Mueller learned that Sheen and his daughter by Denise Richards shared "an affinity for both astronomy and the song 'Drops of Jupiter' from the band Train." 

    Sheen said he bought two tracking telescopes—one for him and one for his daughter so that they could "both look at the same point in the universe at the same time, as a way of staying connected."

    The actor told investigators that Mueller said, "You have a song you share with your daughter, but not one with me."

    The argument mainly consisted of shouting, according to Sheen, but he demonstrated to police that he and Mueller had also slapped at each other's hands and wrists.

    Mueller, for her part, told another version that involved Sheen straddling her on the bed and holding a knife to her throat threatening to kill her.

    Per the Two and a Half Men star's account, he denied ever assaulting Mueller by placing a knife to her throat or attempting to strangle her and threaten her life, but admitted to having a knife, which he showed to an officer, and snapping two pairs of Mueller's eyeglasses in half.

    The officers observed red marks around Mueller's throat—"consistent with a strangulation attempt," per the report—which led officers to inquire whether the two had a history of violence.

    According to Sheen's account, Mueller had accused him of sleeping with prostitutes in October, which he says he angrily denied and that resulted in a "huge fight." During that incident, Sheen admitted grabbing his wife by the wrist, causing her to fall to the ground and hitting her head on some furniture, which necessitated a visit to the hospital and a CAT scan. Neither reported the incident to law enforcement, according to Sheen's acount, because it was an accident.

    That version didn't sit well with Mueller, who told authorities that Sheen threw her "like a rag doll," that the act had been intentional and that she'd gone to see three doctors about the injury.


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