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In nine days, the world will unite in a way the majority of Americans have never quite understood.

Enter Brad Pitt—unless we missed the memo, a heretofore unavowed football soccer fan.

That's right, it looks like it's going to take a beautiful man (or two—we didn't forget you, Becks!) to bring us the beautiful game.

Pitt has joined the board of directors for the committee putting together the U.S. bid to host the FIFA World Cup in either 2018 or 2022 (for the uninitiated, the tournament lasts a month, happens every four years and Brazil already called dibs on 2014).

"Soccer is a truly global sport and the opportunity to join the effort to have the U.S. host the world's greatest sporting event again is a great honor," said Pitt.

"FIFA has set a world standard for using sport as a tool for positive social change and I'm proud to be associated  with a United States World Cup Bid that has so ardently adhered to the principles established by FIFA."

Granted, while Pitt is a high-profile and welcome addition to the  panel—which already includes Spike Lee—he's slightly late to the party. If you want to get technical about it, the U.S. already submitted its bid to FIFA in Zurich last month at what was quite a formal ceremony.

However, Pitt has obviously boosted the profile of the U.S.' bid, which will be weighed against offers put forth by Australia, England, Russia, Netherlands-Belgium, Portugal-Spain, Japan, Qatar and South Korea. The host site will be announced on Dec. 2.

Fans can also do their part, and can register their support on So far, nearly half a million soccer lovers have signed on.


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If the World Cup does come Stateside, we might see some more Sports Nuts: Famous Fans in the stands!

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