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Between the exotic getaways and to-die-for designer fashions, the Sex and the City sequel sure looks glamorous, no?

What's not so sparkly is the snoozefest of "hype" the movie is picking up in the press. There are only so many times we can hear about Carrie and Big's bedroom burdens or the all-silencing confidentiality agreement before it becomes old news—you know, like last season's Jimmy Choos.

I mean, the Daily Mail just practically lifted all that stuff we had in their SATC2 coverage!

So when the studio doesn't let slip any juicy deets from the flick, what's the press to do?

Pick on the Sex gals, of course, as the Daily Mail's pretty hell-bent on doing, it appears.

How lame is it to hear for the gajillionth time how "airbrushed" the babes appear in the movie's poster. Duh, it's H'wood, everyone is Photoshopped! Even young chicks like Zoe Saldana and Megan Fox—who are nearly flawless, mind you—get some digital touch-ups.

What you don't ever hear the press bitchin' about is dudes getting primped and prodded on the computer to up their manliness—you know, ditch the wear and tear of age, up the ab wattage, and, if necessary, enhance the junk for maximum wow factor.

Trust me, the guys in this town are just as worried about their looks as are the gals, so why the heck don't we ever hear about it?

And if it's not airbrushing, the SATC stories focus on the gals being mere seconds from pulling each other's hair out.

Sure, these onscreen besties may not be making each other friendship bracelets between takes, but they're grown women who know how successful this franchise is. Bet your Prada bag they can keep things professional, albeit, slightly divalicious at times. This isn't the cast of Gossip Girl we're talking about

So why can't Hollywood release a big-budget blockbuster for women without the stink of bitchy press surrounding it? Sure, the lack of info from the studio isn't helping matters—but you know damn well the same dirt would be in the tabs even if the friggin' script were leaked online.

Cut the chicks a break; let's pick on the guys for a change—but who should we start with?

I vote Gerard Butler. You?

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