Amy Winehouse


And she was doing so well! Relatively speaking.

Unfortunately, Amy Winehouse fell over while navigating the mean streets of London corridors of her home Saturday, and as of yesterday remained in a private clinic.

"It was just a domestic accident and not serious," her spokesman, Chris Goodman, said. "She bruised her ribs and had a cut above an eye."

It's unclear if Amy was alone at the time of the fall, or whether her friends Jack, José and Jim were also present at the scene. As for why such minor injuries would warrant an extended stay with the docs...

"I don't know if she's still there. If she is, it's not because something has happened. It's because it's nice."

As part of its Implant Watch 2010, however, the ever-enterprising Sun seems to have put forth an alternate theory, claiming the tumble taken by the singer—who, incidentally, they claim, was quite the life of the party once admitted to the clinic—caused some bruising to her, uh, newest purchases.

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It may be time for Amy to peace out of the party scene. She can take a cue from the celebs in our Peace Offerings gallery!

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