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To all you Chuck naysayers we have just one thing to say—neener, neener, neener!

The brilliant minds on our favorite spy show must be genies, because as of Monday, all your Chucky wishes are coming true, including your Top TV Couple finally and officially becoming just that, and we've got an exclusive sneak peek right here. Oh, and did we mention there might just be a wedding in the mix?

OK, the wedding thing is fakeish, but in "Chuck vs. the Honeymooners," the newly minted Walkertowski's go undercover as newlyweds, wedding bands and all! And on top of all that cuteness, Chuck and Sarah and sifting through what it means to be in a spybound relationship, which is not as easy as one might assume. (Fret not, tubers. There is plenty of kissing and snuggling and sexy time to go around in this hour.)

Plus, the CIA's newest power couple makes its debut when Casey and Morgan hit the streets in search of justice. And boy, do they deliver. Where's a fan-made moniker when you need one? Casan? Morgey? Brainstorm and get back to us!

Now check out this top-secret clip of the Charleses, aka Chuck and Sarah's undercover lovah name on their Parisian mission. And yes, they really are that cute together throughout the entire episode.

What'd you think? Gushy enough to satisfy longtime Chuck fans and Charah champions? Comment below, then tune into "Chuck vs. the Honeymooners" Monday at 8 p.m. on NBC.


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