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Brothers & Sisters Finale Shocker: Will Rob Lowe Die, or Will Someone Else?

Calista Flockhart, Rob Lowe, Brothers and Sisters ABC/RANDY HOLMES

You heard Rob Lowe is leaving Brothers & Sisters, right?

So in this past Sunday's episode, when Robert lost his top-secret job in Washington because his "resting heart rate exceeds their criteria," you were probably thinking: "Aha! So it'll be death by a heart attack!" Well, not so fast, my pets.

Insiders are buzzing about what just might be the biggest Brothers & Sisters twist yet…

Dave Annable, Emily Van Camp Jeff Vespa/

In the season finale, there will be a shocker so monumental, it will leave multiple major characters hanging in the balance, according to sources. It is unlike anything you have seen on this series.

I'm told Saul (Ron Rifkin), Rebecca (Emily VanCamp) and Justin (Dave Annable) all will have some news that could mean we'll see less of them on the show next season, but, well...that's still not the thing I'm talking about that's so monumental. It's an event that will leave you breathless and that no one will see coming.

Why the big shocker? Well, edge-of-your-seat storytelling aside, insiders reveal that we might not see every actor in every episode of Brothers & Sisters next season, partly because of budgetary belt-tightening and also contract negotiations. (We'd already heard rumblings Calista Flockhart might not be around quite as much.) The details of next season are still being sorted out.

As for Robert McAllister, I can tell you that Rob Lowe has asked for his character to die, and that may or may not turn out to be true. If he does die, I can guarantee it will be more complicated than a simple heart attack.

So now's your chance to make your voice heard: Which Brothers & Sisters star do you want to make sure you still see lots of next season? Comment below!


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