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Sad night over on Dancing With the Stars. We just caught up with the ousted contestant backstage--don't read further if you don't want to be spoiled!--and the bootee (with a cute booty) could hardly bear the thought of being sent home.

No, seriously. We're talking megasize, hand-this-sap-a-hanky tears. Here's what went down:

Poor, ridiculously sexy Aiden Turner saw his DWTS days come to a close tonight, and while we first feel the need to ask how such a monumental travesty could occur on America's watch, we think the soap star took care of that just fine in his postshow interview.

"I was having a great time. I felt like I was just getting started, you know?" he told us through soft sobs and tears. But as Aiden explained: "I'm emotional because I care a lot and I'm really tired from dancing the last seven weeks, doing something I've never done before. Blood, sweat and tears, but I really enjoyed it. And I've got four dances under my belt!"

One of those was even shirtless, so first, yum, and second, thank you for that, Aiden.

And as always, we must point out the constant back-and-forth between Kate and her sworn-enemy partner, Tony Dovalani, who was scolded backstage after joking about how often she herself cries.

"Would you like me to say that you make me cry more than I cry in real life?" Kate sternly pointed out. "Then don't talk about it." Ahhh, how sweet.

Aiden Turner, Edyta Sliwinska, Dancing with the Stars

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Do you think the right guy was sent packin', or was someone better suited for the old heave-ho? Sound off in the comments below.


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