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Either the folks at Dancing With the Stars are telling the truth about Kate Gosselin, or they're all really good actors.

You may have seen the tabloid reports claiming that the reality-TV mama of eight is more than just a diva—she's her partner Tony Dovolani's worst nightmare.

But is it as bad as some may claim?

"What people don't see on the show is that everyone fights," Cheryl Burke told us last night at the Mint in Los Angeles, where Mark Ballas was performing songs from his new CD, Waiting for Patience.

"It's what the producers choose to show in the package that we see. I'm sure they've had many moments of laughter. Chad [Ochocinco] and I fight all the time, but they choose not to show that."

Pamela Anderson's partner, Damian Whitewood, also put blame on the producers' tricky editing. "They're always going to dive and make things more exciting," he said. "But they're fine. They get along. Everything's cool."

In fact, Whitewood and most others we talked to agreed that Gosselin's tango last night was her best performance yet. "She really improved," Burke said. "She took this tango and she made something of it."

Whitewood added, "I think she can use the negative stuff to make positive things happen. She should use it all to fire her up and make her dancing better. It's a good way of expressing yourself without saying anything."

Guess who else is in Gosselin's corner? Bachelor Jake Pavelka's bride-to-be Vienna Girardi.

"Kate is a strong woman," Giraradi gushed. "She's a great, great mother. I absolutely adore her. I really do...Tonight was where she could really let go and let loose. She was really so graceful on the dance floor."

What do you think: Will Gosselin survive tonight's elimination round? Leave your comments below.


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