Housewives Source: Cherry Did "Slap" Sheridan, but Not Really

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    Wild idea: Judging by all the attention Nicollette Sheridan's lawsuit against ABC is getting right now, wouldn't it be fabulous if they brought Edie back to Wisteria Lane? Could you imagine?

    Yeah, but ain't gonna happen.

    Still at the very crux of Sheridan's allegations lies the smoking swipe itself: Did Marc Cherry strike Sheridan, as she alleges?

    Egos appear to be much too "crazy" and "abusive" for anything like a clear answer to that question ever to prevail. But—good news—we found an eyewitness to an incident between Sheridan and Cherry that sounds like it just might be the one the fired diva's referring to:

    "Marc did slap Nicollette; I was there and I saw it," reveals a DH castmember who was on set one day. "[Nicollette] was trying to slap somebody for a scene, and she couldn't get it right," adds our Wisteria Lane source.

    So, according to the fellow actor who was present, Cherry took matters into his own and proceeded to show Nicollette how to do the "slap" on her.

    "But I have to say," the insider elaborated, "it was just [Cherry's] hand barely on her head; it sure didn't seem to me to merit the suit [Sheridan has filed]."

    (Eva Longoria Parker said something similar to Ryan Seacrest, although Eva was not actually there on set.)

    Gosh, could this be the very same incident in Sheridan's lawsuit, where she claims Cherry "took her aside and forcefully hit her with his hand across her face and head," after Sheridan questioned a line in a script?

    Cherry and ABC aren't commenting and Sheridan's camp isn't exactly great about answering simple questions, as my personal experience has shown.

    After I first broke the story of Sheridan's original firing from the hit soap, I gave an off-record heads-up to Nicollette's publicist, to see if she wanted to weigh in before I began further reporting on myriad stories of strife on the Housewives set. It was a professional courtesy.

    Sheridan's lawyer shot me a multipage bully-enema as a thank you. Sweet!

    No wonder Cherry and ABC don't seem to want anything to do with this woman.



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