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    Sundance Locals to Jon Gosselin: "Go Home!"

    Jon Gosselin, Morgan Christie

    Jon Gosselin, looking like a whale out of water, took a very obvious and public stroll today in Park City, Utah, with his girlfriend of the moment, Morgan Christie.

    The gruesome twosome is making sure no one misses their anticipated arrival at the Sundance Film Fest, and here's how:

    "They just kept walking up and down Main Street," a poor onlooker describes. "They were holding hands, and it was pretty obvious they wanted everyone to see them. They kept walking up and down the same street over and over."

    Granted, Main is where all the Sundance action goes down, but just because it's Gosselin, gotta say it's 10 times more annoying.

    Jon, dressed in jeans, a black puffy coat (with puffy face to match) and signature sunglasses, pretended he didn't like the one cameraman eagerly snapping his picture a foot or so ahead of them.

    "It was weird though, it looked like the guy was hired or something," our Sundance spy tells us. "It seemed like there were a few paparazzi on Main, none of whom could care less about Gosselin. But this one camera guy made sure to go wherever Jon and his girlfriend were. It looked pathetic."

    Local food and retail owners seemed just about as thrilled as we are Gosselin and Morgan are in town.

    "Ugh, that huge douche Jon Gosselin is here," a gal working at one of the restaurants on Main was overheard saying. "Great, he's totally going to give Sundance a bad name. Go back to where you came from, or at least home to your f--king eight kids."

    I think we're all in agreement there, sweetheart!


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