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    David Hasselhoff: The New Jon Gosselin

    David Hasselhoff, Taylor-Ann, Hayley Mike Marsland/Getty Images

    America's Got Talent's loss is A&E's, er, gain.

    David Hasselhoff is horning in on the reality-fathering territory once staked out by Jon Gosselin, Hulk Hogan and Ozzy Osbourne, fronting a new series for the cable network about raising his teenage daughters and preparing them to launch their own music careers.

    No doubt, they'll have a receptive audience in Germany.

    A&E announced today that the long-in-development show (which does not yet have a title) will premiere later this year and run for 10 episodes.

    While the 57-year-old Hasselhoff made his name jockeying a talking car, jogging shirtless on the beach and assessing future lounge acts, his new show aims to portray him as a devoted single dad to 19-year-old Taylor-Ann (a communications major at University of Arizona) and 17-year-old Hayley (a model and aspiring actress) as both seek to make it in showbiz, primarily as singers.

    By the sounds of it, the show, produced by American Idol purveyor Freemantle Mantle, will stay away from the Hoff's struggles with alcoholism or his battles with ex-wife Pamela Bach.

    "It's the dream of every parent to be able to help their children succeed," Hasselhoff said.

    "I told the girls that I would help them open the door when they are ready, but they would have to walk through it on their own. This is their time, and I am excited to be a part of it."


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