Megan Fox, Olivia Wilde

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It seems like Olivia Wilde is taking some advice from those bitchin' Glee gals.

Wilde has teamed up with hunks like Josh Brolin and James Franco to launch their website, Artists for Peace and Justice, to aid in the devastation down in Haiti.

"It's not a lost cause," Wilde told reporters at Sunday's Golden Globes. "We raise money, 100 percent of which goes to a doctor whose hospital is still standing."

The website will auction off the outfits worn to the Globes by Olivia, Meryl Streep and Gerard Butler (just to name a few) in order to raise money for their cause.

So just how does Olivia do it? She manages to be taken seriously in the Industry, but is also known for her supersexy bod. Something that say, Megan Fox, hasn't exactly mastered just yet.

Here's what Olivia told us:

"Oh gosh! I think you have to remind yourself of what's real and what really matters," the well-spoken and sexalicious House doc fessed. "Think about who you want to be and who you want to be when your beauty fades. Think about what makes up your substance. Then pick really good role models! And copy them."

Among the role models Wilde looks up to?

Meryl Streep. Can't argue there.

We have soft spots for both gorgeous gals, so how do we get Megan to be taken more seriously? And don't just say it ain't gonna happen, babes.

Post your thoughts below!


Find out what else you can do to support relief efforts in Haiti right here.

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