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Cynthia Nixon was fighting mad in Florida this weekend, as she should have been. The brainy Sex and the City sexpot hit the Shore Club for an ACLU-sponsored event to help overturn a Florida ban which prevents gay people from being able to adopt—the only state in the union to do so.

Slinky hot in a tight black dress and stilettos, Nixon clearly ain't an idiot when it comes to really selling a message, clearly pantsuits and glasses wouldn't have quite cut it. Cynthia wouldn't blab at all about the upcoming Sex sequel, but she did shout plenty about how Florida's haters seem to be abating:

"I'm gratified by the fact that when you poll Floridians on whether gay people should be allowed to adopt, the majority say yes," Nixon spouted at the chic, balmy club, poolside, while local politicos listened on. "But I think people have a lot of fear, they're scared," she added.

The openly gay Nixon, continued, actually very Miranda-like, as in cool but absolutely dead-on:

"We have to keep telling the truth again and again and again of what gay families are like and what gay people are like. The more of us there are, and the more public we are."

And at what better time is Nixon making such a plea than when California is hearing a landmark federal trial on gay marriage, which is not only challenging the Mormon-supported Prop 8, but expected to go all the way to the Supreme Court? Pretty good double-whammy, I'd say.

And on that note, as much as we live to tout out the sizzliciousness of Robsten, let's not forget, every time you buy a ticket to their franchise, a little bit o' that loot goes to keeping Prop 8, and other antigay arsenal, very much alive. Twilight creator Stephenie Meyer is a devout Mormon, and she gives generously to her church, if you could call it that.

Political food for thoughts, babe!


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