No Funeral Yet for Casey Johnson, but Tila Tequila Still Ranting

    Tila Tequila, Casey Johnson Michael Buckner/Getty Images

    Despite widespread reports—not to mention our own expectationsCasey Johnson was not laid to rest today at her family's burial plot in New Jersey, a source close to the Johnsons tells E! News.

    But that didn't stop Tila Tequila from trying to make the story about her.

    "I don't want to talk about the funeral," Tequila tells us. "I wasn't allowed to go and I am so upset. I can't sleep and I am on suicide watch."

    While Tequila may be the only one on suicide watch, she wasn't the only one not invited to the service, which is shaping up to be a private affair possibly taking place tomorrow. Several of the heiress's Hollywood pals, including Paris Hiltonand former gal-pal Courtenay Semel, didn't make the guest list.

    Tequila, nominally Johnson's fiancée, also addressed the theory brought up on Johnson's 911 call that the socialite may have taken her own life.

    "It was an accident, for sure," Tequila said. "She was so happy and wasn't ready to die."

    Although autopsy results are still weeks away, Tequila believes Johnson's death last Monday was related to diabetes.

    "She gave me a book and told me what to do if something like that happened to her in the middle of the night," Tequila said. "She knew if she wasn't treated then she could die."

    Tequila also insisted, "Casey would want me to take care of [Johnson's daughter] Ava." And she is still stewing about the visit paid by Nicky Hilton and Bijou Phillips earlier this week to collect Johnson's two dogs, a poodle named Zoe and a Yorkie named Elvis, along with various belongings.

    "They all lied to me," Tequila said. "I just want the dogs back and make sure they are OK…I want it all back."

    At the time, Tequila said she feared Hilton and Phillips were going to put the dogs to sleep. However, sources tell E! News that the dogs have been seen by a veterinarian and are in good shape.

    On Tuesday, expect Tequila to sound off some more when she appears on Larry King Live.

    "There is a lot of stuff I want to say," Tequila said. "I don't want to bash anyone."

    We'll see.


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