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Dear Ted:
Haven't seen many signs of Jennifer Aniston for the past few weeks. Think she may be getting rejuvenated for the Golden Globes?

Dear Wait and See:
I think it's very smart. She was way too overexposed there for a while. Maybe Robsten's brilliantly stealth ways are rubbing off on some celebs? Also, Ms. A. needs a major podium comeback after she sadly faltered at the Oscars, practically trembling right next to front-row Brangelina. Poor thing. Let's hope Jen nails this one, sure she will without evil Brad-stealing Angie there to evil-stare at her!

Dear Ted:
What is "delectable" about Marilyn Manson? All I can say is, "Euuuu!" Evan Rachel Wood is a gorgeous, talented 21-year-old for Gawd's sake! Is it BDS (Big Dick Syndrome)?

Dear Missed the Joke:
Definite sarcasm there babe. And ERW is hardly some manipulated twenty-something...she's just as crackers.

Dear Ted:
Is Nelly Fang Rob Pattinson with Kristen Stewart?

Dear Wrong:
Didn't I already eliminate Rob as Nelly a while ago?

Dear Ted:
So glad to see you comment on the New Moon script (or lack of). Forget razzing Rob and Kristen...let's take a closer look at Melissa Rosenberg! I'm sure she's nice and all, but I'd be embarrassed to act out some of her lines. Do you think the big guys at Summit would consider some smarter scripting for Breaking Dawn? The folks at Mad Men have it down, and because of their network they pretty much have to keep it PG-13. Thanks for your insight!

Dear Same Page:
That's what I keep wondering...does Stephenie Meyer have it penned in her contract that Rosenberg has to write the scripts or something? Melissa has been nothing but a doll when we've met her, but writing the Twi-scripts is not her forte. From what I hear she isn't going anywhere though.

Dear Ted:
I laughed so hard when I read your info about Robsten yesterday the other day? Why are you still lying to us? Did you hear the little girl Hollie interview? She said "I didn't see anything romantic between the two," even your friend Mark Malkin said, There is no romance. And tell me please, when was Robsten in Big Bear? You are the only who said that. They don't spent Christmas together. It's so obvious Robsten is just PR stunt. Please, tell us the true, don't lie to us. Thank you.

Dear Two Sides:
Sorry, but I'm getting different intel, doll-face. As I said, heart Hollie the fan for the pics, but is everyone deciding based on the romantic observations of a 13-year-old? Just like you all don't need to decide they are together based on The AT. I'm hardly the only one saying Rob and Kristen are more than costars. I think the evidence speaks for itself.

Dear Ted:
Could Nelly Fang be on Vampire Diaries?

Dear Fang Hunting:
Sure—since Nelly is used to playing a vampire I think he could be on Vampire Diaries if he wanted too.

Dear Ted:
I missed you over the holidays! I hope you and your four-legged kids had a good one. Over my break, I started watching Glee and now I have to know...have you heard any dirt on the guy who plays Finn?

Dear Gleek:
Cory Monteith
's been nothing but adorable whenever we've chatted with him. Dirt wise he has a pretty clean slate...for now.

Dear Ted:
Gossip has it that Ryan and Abbie Cornish may spilt up because of Ryan's wandering eye. This was put out there around the same time as the Jake and Reese split. I always liked Ryan and Reese together and just adore the children they produced. Do you think there's a chance they would or could get back together?

Dear Rekindled Love:
As we reported a while back, Ryan Philippe has been looking single recently. I loved Reese and Ryan together too, but I think too much went down in that marriage to go for round 2.

Dear Ted:
So, first Jensen Ackles and now Jared Padalecki is getting hitched, too! Which one of these super-hot super-BFFs can we expect to walk down the aisle first? Will we see them as their each other's Best Man? Cheers!

Dear Superskeptic:
If one does it, I don't doubt the other will follow. It's like they have to do everything together or something?

Dear Ted:
Does Summit understand where they went wrong with New Moon? I can't be the only one who saw it only once and won't go back purely because of the lack of Edward/Bella moments and depth. It sounds like they are planning on more of the same for Eclipse and I can't help think that if they continue, they are going to lose some of their audience. Yes, they are makings tons of money but they could be making so much more. Do they get it at all...that they need to showcase Rob and Kristen's amazing chemistry?

Dear Down and Out:
In New Moon there weren't that many opportunities (based on the book) to show the Rob-Kristen moments. It was all about Jacob (Taylor). If you're in it for the chemistry moments, I bet you'll get that back in Eclipse. I just can't stand the cheesy one-liners.

Dear Ted:
Just "Bitch-Back! Supernatural Split?" come on! Jared Padalecki deserves his own post! BTW, please stop that ambiguous answer style of yours on this one. If you don't tell us anything useful this time, I swear to God I will never come to your blog ever again.

Dear Temperamental:
Geez, I gave Danneel her own special one just yesterday! I notice you didn't exactly ask a question here, what is it you wanted to know with all those threats?

Dear Ted:
Are Judas Jack Off and Dashed Dingle Dream in horror films?

Dear Vice Tastic:
Past or present?

Dear Ted:
Can you clear up a little something on the Parrish Maguire BV? A lot of guesses included an underaged Twilight cast member (and his barely legal ex-gf). Do you have "underaged" BV's? Would you really hint at outing someone who is barely old enough to shave? Also, does Ryan Reynolds have his own BV or is he in the running for Parrish?

Dear Valid Points:
Um, have you not read our MeMe Dallas and Tobey Yum-Yum Blind Vice? Sorry, but all Hollywood stars are fair game! As for Ry-Ry, he could be considered a very good candidate for Parrish Maguire (but it's not him).

Dear Ted:
Thank you for all your updates on Robsten but even as bad as I want to know what's up with them I do believe in respecting others privacy
My Brown Eyes

Dear Alone:
Wish others felt like you!

Dear Ted:
Hello, gorgeous. Okay Smokey Shooter Nick Cannon. all makes sense now.
Scorned Sunshine

Dear Great Guess:
Wrong dude. Smokey isn't in his wife's shadow.

Dear Ted:
I think we all know how Grey Goose feels about Toothy Tile's choice of beard, but what does Toothy think of Grey's? Is it strictly business between the three of them or are they friends?

Dear Out of the Loop:
If Grey has a serious beard, she's not doing a very good job.

Dear Ted:
Any goss on Zac Efron? Are he and Vanessa Hudgens as blissfully happy as they seem to be? I hope so. Hollywood needs at least one great—and normal—young couple other than Robsten.

Dear Not Exactly:
I know they were on the rocks a month or so back...something rubs me the wrong way in that teen "romance."

Dear Ted:
Are Parrish and Priscilla still together?

Dear Young Love:


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