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Call it a crazy case of foreshadowing.

Mere hours before Real Housewives of Orange County's Simon Barney filed for divorce from wife Tamra Barney, the husband addressed the couple's recent marriage woes on his weekly Bravo blog.

"My belief is you should never disparage your spouse to anyone for any reason (especially on national TV)," said Simon. "All season long, I have been unpleasantly surprised by some of my wife's comments and conversations about me."

Not that words are the only reason behind their ultimate parting of ways. Barney, who has been portrayed as a controlling and unsupportive spouse throughout most of the show's fifth season, claims participating in the show has changed Tamra—and not for the better.

"My wife has changed in the last few years. (I wonder why???) She is not the same girl I knew three years ago. I really don't know her anymore. And it breaks my heart."

Simon didn't stop there...and neither did Tamra's onscreen rival Gretchen Rossi.

Referring to Thursday night's episode of Housewives, Simon went on to discuss a scene in which his wife tells her mother she wouldn't still be in her marriage if it weren't for her three young children.

"The dinner with Tamra's mom...HOW UGLY! Can I ever get a break this season considering I didn't want to be on it this year?," he wrote. "I really never knew my wife felt this way about me until I watched this episode. I guess I'm not the right man for her."

As for Rossi, her take on the divorce proceedings is simply outsider commentary.

"There were some pretty harsh accusations being made on Simon's part about Tamra in those papers. To hear Tamra say she 'would leave him if it was just the two of them,' WOW!," said Rossi. "That was a reprehensible remark if you ask me...For a very long time now I have heard lots of things about their marriage and I have chosen to stay out of it and not comment because it was none of my business."

Gretchen may have heard rumblings of drama between the two, but a source close to the situation tells E! News that the divorce filing is a complete shock, regardless of what is seen on the show.

"It's especially unbelievable because Simon is the one who filed; he adores her," says the source. "Their marriage is one of the best I know of."

Aside from a vague Facebook update calling all accusations false, Tamra has stayed mum on the situation. She will appear on next Thursday's Real Housewives aftershow, Watch What Happens.

—Additional reporting by Ashley Fultz


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